Construction Screw
Construction Screw
Construction Screw

Construction Screw

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These screws have large, flatter threads to maximize hold and pull out resistance. The washer head is large for holding strength and smooth to eliminate the need for countersinking to insure safety even for playground equipment. Code certified strength testing makes this screw the perfect replacement for lag screws and bolts and the certified exterior coating means you can use it confidently in almost any conditions.

As with the other U2 fasteners, the Construction screw starts fast and stays put due to under head engineering features. Even in laminated beams the Construction screw drives in fast with no predrilling requirement. Because of the tight hold between the U2 bit and the screw, one hand drilling is possible even when reaching while installing kitchen or garage cabinets.

Your engineer with find it easy to specify these screws because of the data supplied in IAPMO ER-454.


  • Dome Head enhances the structural capability.  
  • Tapper Point which consists of the Cork Screw Start and Blade Cutting Thread for easy piercing and alleviating strain on the material.
  • Tight Star Recess system grasps the U-Bit tightly and can be installed with one hand.  
  • Talon Grip holds the screw tight to prevent loosening and uses its nibs to dig into the material when countersunk. 
  • Reamer Thread enlarges the hole in the material to create a larger passage when drawing materials together and reduces tension on the screw head.