Screws You Need For Installing A Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen is the most important space in any residence. Regardless of its size, the right layout and design can add to its aesthetic appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen on a budget, adding new cabinets can make a crucial difference. Good quality cabinets also help resolve any space issues you are dealing with.

Screws You Installing A Kitchen Cabinet

Wood cabinets are a great choice for the kitchen because they are sturdy, durable and affordable. Not to mention, wood incorporates a touch of warmth and character to indoor spaces.

Before you embark on building cabinets for your kitchen, it’s extremely important to gather all the basic tools. This is where screws come into play.

For starters, you will find plenty of screws for different cabinet materials. While there isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to choosing best wood screws for making your kitchen cabinet, wood screws is your best bet. Here is why:

Why invest in wood screws

You can choose from a variety of wood screws, such as softwood, hardwood, interior and exterior applications. In addition, they come in various lengths and sizes. It’s safe to say that wood screws are versatile screws.


Generally speaking, wood screws are stronger than other screw types. They secure cabinet pieces tightly together. In case a screw loosens, you can tighten it back again.

Due to their strength and reliability, wood screws are ideal for building kitchen cabinets.  Unlike nails, wood screws do not come off easily.

Ease of use

Another advantage of wood screws is that they are easy to work with. Their sharp tips pierce through and hold the wood cabinet easily. Applying wood screws takes a few minutes.

Not only this, you can remove wood screws as easily as you applied them. If you want to fix a mistake during construction, wood screws can be removed and put back on.


Wood screws are generally better than clamps because they are not openly visible. The screw’s threads enter the wood piece, creating a torque between the screw head and the cabinet pieces.

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