Let’s Talk Shop! Which Type of Screw is the Best for Use?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot use every type of screw for every type of project you have.

While the screw may be a versatile tool, it offers the same functions. However, its design and various components do allow more use when utilized in different materials.

From points and threads, to heads and drives and coatings and plating, each component of a screw can offer more than just a tool that can be used to assemble and connect various pieces of wood.

Here, we’ll briefly go into the details of each.

Types of Screws

Let’s focus on the types of screws available.

At BuyWoodScrews, we offer a vast collection of screws and fasteners. From rust-resistant screws to wood screws, we have a range of screws that are used by professional builders who need construction screws to DIY-ers who want to stock their tool kits.

Here, we have a list of some of the more common screws in the fastener market:

  • Traditional wood screw
  • Drywall screw
  • Modern wood screw
  • Deck screw
  • Lag screw
  • Sheet metal screw
  • Universal screwetc.

Material of a Screw

Typically, wood screws are made from basic materials such as bronze, brass, aluminum and stainless steel etc., with stainless steel screws being the most favorable choice for numerous interior DIY and woodworking projects.

Strong, affordable and available in a variety of different sizes, these screws offer points, sharper threads and strength, which means they can penetrate even the hardest wood or made-made material.

Usually, professionals use these screws with an impact driver or a power drill, since they can withstand the higher torque.

These steel screws aren’t generally coated though. However, companies like BuyWoodScrews offer rust-resistant and waterproof screws for external use as well, so there really is no worry about these products. Mostly, two grades of screws are used for external application – the 305 stainless screws being better for projects that don’t require sufficient resistance against corrosion, and the 316 Stainless steel construction screws, which is much better for use in areas that are exposed to corrosives such as salt air.

Getting the Right Screw

best wood screwsWhile we may go into detail about the different types of screws, the screw head, the coatings and plating and various other components, it won’t really help if you need a quick answer.

In this case, the best way to get the right screw for your project is by contacting a professional and giving them the details of your project.

Each project is different, so each screw used would be different as well.

At BuyWoodScrews, we offer the best screws so you can complete your project with premium quality tools. Contact us and allow us to provide you with the best screws for the job!