Knowing Your Hardware – Different Types of Wood Screws

Unlike smooth nails, metal wood screws are considered to be a much better option for woodworking projects, mainly because of their thread design.

Screws have better grip on their surroundings wood and have more power and strength than a common nail.

However, not all screws are equal in function. While a common store-bought screw may seem fine for many applications, if we need better results and more strength, we need a screw that delivers it.

Getting Your Screws from the Right Place

There are many brands that offer best wood screws, each with better threads.

Even BuyWoodScrews has gained somewhat of a fan following because we provide screws that have thin and sharp threads, are made from high quality metal and can be used in different kinds of hard woods with the use of pilot holes.

We offer a vast collection of screws, each for different tasks and for different materials. Here, we mention some of the more common types of screws that you may need for DIY and woodworking projects.

Types of Screws

  • Traditional Wood Screw

This type of wood screw has a tapered shank so it fits quite nicely when used with a correct pilot hole.

  • Drywall Screw

Covered with black phosphate to keep it rust-resistant, these types of screws are mostly used to fix drywall to the studwork of a house.

  • Modern Wood Screw

A modern wood screw is designed in a way that makes it less likely to split the wood. Un-tapered and with sharp and fine threads, these screws don’t require the use of a pilot hole.

  • Deck Screws

This type of screw is mostly used for outdoor furniture and bigger projects. However, since all our screws are coated to be rust-resistant and waterproof, you can use any of our exterior wood screws for your project.

  • Lag Screws

Lag screws are used for heavy-duty fastening and are fitted in wood by being rotated with an adjustable wrench. BuyWoodScrews also offers lag replacement screws.

Buying Different Types of Screws

As a leader in the fastener business, we offer a vast collection of screws and fasteners. Aside from the above mentioned screws, we also offer code-approved washer head screws, 316 stainless steel wood screws, long wood screws, small head low torque screws and much more.

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