Fastener Hardness or Strength – What Is More Important?

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with fasteners is regarding their strength and hardness. Often, people use ‘strength’ and ‘hardness’ interchangeably to describe fasteners. But, the fact is that there’s small but significant differences between these technical terms. It’s important to have some knowledge about these differences so that you can invest your money in the right tools.

 Hardness vs. strength: Know the difference

Simply put, hardness refers to the ability of a fastener to withstand corrosion, deformation and indentation. No two fasteners are created equal. Different materials have their own strength and hardness. If a fastener can resist deformation, corrosion and indentation resulting from normal wear and tear and scratching, it has a high hardness capacity.

On the other hand, strength is the ability of a fastener to resist a force before deformation takes place.  Different types of fasteners have varying strengths, such as low, medium and high.

You will find both these specifications in fasteners. Some fasteners have high degrees of strength, while others have hardness. Although hardness and strength are somewhat related, it’s important to get good quality fasteners that offer a mix of both.

Keep in mind, if you don’t want any deformation, you need to look for high levels of hardness in a fastener. The higher the hardness rating, it is less susceptible to deformation and damage. In order to gauge the fastener’s strength, check its grade.

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That being said, all these technicalities even confuse the pros let alone beginners. Therefore, your best bet is to collaborate with a professional who can help you pick the best quality fasteners for your particular need and application.

Based on your needs, a professional stainless steel fasteners suppliers can figure out how much hardness and strength will be right for your project.

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