Choosing The Right Screws For A Construction Project

Screws are some of the most important hardware accessories used to hold construction projects together. Professional builders use different types of screws for finishing construction projects. Each screw has its own unique style and features. Choosing the right screws is crucial but complicated.

If you’re an amateur builder, you may struggle to pick the best screws for the job. To make things simpler, the following guide explains how you can pick the best screws that will suit your construction project needs:

Screw material

Different types of screws are used for diverse applications. However, wood screws are an obvious choice for construction projects. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, wood screws are easy to work with. They are strong, long lasting and can be tightened easily.

Steel and stainless steel are common wood screws. Outdoor construction projects require screws with high anti-corrosive properties, such as stainless steel wood screws. Steel and stainless wood screws are used for indoor furniture projects.

Features refer to the head shape and gauge of a screw. Features differ from one screw to another. When it comes to wood screws, most of them have a round, flat or an oval head. Oval head screws are mainly used for decorative projects.

Screw size

Determining the exact size can be quite tricky. The general rule of thumb is to buy a screw that is long enough to hold the two pieces of materials together securely. Consider the thickness of the material you are working on. The screws should cover half the thickness of the base material.

Also, consider the screw’s gauge. Wood screws are typically measures in gauges. Gauge reflects the diameter of a screw. Generally speaking, a large gauge indicates a thick sized screw.

Screw gauges are from 2-16. If you’re dealing with a large or thick project, you need at least 12-14 gauge. On the other hand, 6 gauge works well for small scale applications.  

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