5 Facts About Fasteners You Need To Know About

If you have ever worked on a DIY construction project, you’re probably familiar with fasteners. Despite its small size, a fastener is one of the most vital components of a construction project. To put it simply, fasteners are like glue that holds the project together.

But, considering the different types of fasteners available in the market, choosing the right fastener can be a daunting task.

In order to make things clearer, the following is a basic guide to fasteners and their uses and benefits:

They are removable

Stainless Steel FastnersThe simplest way to define a fastener is a piece of hardware. It’s a hardware device that joins construction materials together.

You can apply and remove fasteners multiple times, without ruining a construction project.

They are made from different materials

There are different types of fastener materials available in the market. Each material has its own pros and cons. The following are the most popular materials:

  • Steel: Robust and durable, steel fasteners are available in 4 grades.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel fasteners have a high resistance to corrosion and rust. They are robust and can last long and are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Bronze and Brass: Just like stainless steel, bronze fasteners can withstand corrosion. They are generally suitable for underwater construction projects. Brass, on the other hand, has high anti-corrosive properties. However, the only downside is that these fasteners are softer than other materials.
  • Black oxide: They have a low resistance to corrosion. In order to enhance the fastener’s resistance property, an oil film is applied over it.  

They have varying strengths or grades

The grade or strength refers to a fastener’s mechanical properties. Different fastener materials have varying grades and strength. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the number, the stronger and harder the fastener.

Grade 2 is the softest, while grade 8 is the hardest. Therefore, you will find grade 8 fasteners used in heavy construction and manufacturing industries. On the other hand, grade 2 is suitable for household use, while automobiles manufacturing industry uses grade 5.

They come coated

Various coating materials can be used on fasteners to improve their anti-corrosive properties. Common coatings include zinc, cadmium, zinc dichromate, chrome, black zinc and more.

They can be measured

Fasteners have different sizes and lengths. In order to measure a fastener, you will look at its diameter / gauge and length.

Diameter refers to the width of a screw’s shaft. A fastener’s length is measured by its shank, without the head.

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